Pedestrian / Point of Purchase

Come on in!

The goal of these mediums is to motivate consumers to buy or go to an advertisers business. Placements are carefully selected to inform and prompt consumer action.

Pedestrian Out Of Home (OOH) can be as simple as a storefront banner or as complex as multiple mediums along the path of a marathon. It could be a Station Domination inside of a train station using many different substrates and mediums, or a simple 8-Sheet displayed outside of the corner market.

Here are a few of the many types of mediums usually found for Pedestrian OOH. All of which can require different substrates and trim sizes depending upon the market where they are posted.

Let us be your one-stop resource for finding out many of these answers. We can reference many of the other projects that we deal with on a daily basis.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are two-sided freestanding displays, strategically placed at bus stops along prescribed routes (some are not backlit). Posters measure approximately 70” H x 48” W and catch both pedestrian and drivers’ attention.

City Kiosk

The City Kiosks are positioned on high traffic streets for pedestrian and auto visibility. They are two-sided, curved backlit systems. They measure 137 3/4” H x 53 1/4” W and can be produced in one or two pieces.

Mall Displays

Shopping Mall Kiosks (some are not backlit) include two-, three-, or four-sided freestanding displays. They measure 69” H x 48” W, 60” H x 46” W or 50” H x 40” W. Positioned in high traffic mall areas. Verify all kiosk sizes.

Telephone Enclosures

These backlit utility displays take advantage of a built-in poster service. Posters measure 50” H x 26” W and 37” H x 77” W as well as many other custom sizes.


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