Bus Posters and Vehicle Wraps


Interior Posters can be found on the inside of most buses and train cars. Available in sizes to meet everyone’s needs, they are proven to drive consumers to local advertisers. Exterior Bus Posters are positioned on the side or back of a bus drawing a consumers’ attention at eye level.

Bus, train, ferry, airplane or trucks can also be wrapped to deliver your message with the same power and visibility as a Bus Poster.

Bus Wrap

A Bus Wrap covers an entire bus or sections of it with advertising graphics. All sides including the roof may be wrapped in pressure-sensitive vinyl. The windows have a perforated vinyl. 3M materials are highly recommended.

Fleet Graphics

Truck panel advertising comprises Mobile Billboards with messages affixed to the rear and sides of cargo carrying trucks. Panel sizes vary by vehicle.

Taxi Displays

Produced in one section per side, most Taxi Tops can be backlit and measure 14” H x 48” W. There are two additional taxi sign types, Roof Triangles measuring 2 @ 14” x 48”, 1 @ 14” x 30” Trunk Decks, typically measure 14” H x 36” W.

Super King

Measuring 30” H x 240” W, the Super King is the largest transit poster available. It typically appears on the street side of the bus, produced in four sections unless produced digitally from one continuous roll.


The King Size poster appears on both the curb & street side of the bus. It is produced in one or two sections, measuring 30” H x 144” W.


Queen Size are usually on the curb side of the bus & are produced in one or two sections measuring 30” H x 88” W. Super Queen = 30” H x 108” W. The Bus Tail posters measure 21” H x 70” W.

High Ride Tail measures 15.5” H x 63” W & is seen at bottom.

Bus Tails

Tails are usually on the back side of Buses and are either placed within frames or directly onto the bus itself. The size can vary slightly by market but in general are 21" h X 70" w.

Interior Bus Cards

Inside the bus, cards are mounted in frames. They typically measure 11” H x 28” W, 11” H x 42” W, 11” H x 56” W or 22” H x 21” W.

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